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MC Tech Guys Mission: Our purpose is to provide reliable and innovative technology services in a cost effective way.

We achieve this by:
    • Focusing our attention on the customer and user’s needs.
    • Adhering to high moral and ethical standards.
    • Looking beyond immediate needs and focusing on the client’s strategic plan both present and future.
    • Ongoing extensive research of technology alternatives and cost.


Company Background: MC Technologies was formed as a partnership between Scott Gibson & Ryan Walters in the spring of 2004. After becoming good friends Scott & Ryan saw the need of different organizations to receive high quality, timely IT services for an affordable price. After months of consideration a prospective client approached them and they decided to start a partnership as a side business, and the rest is history. After a successful first 6 months, in early 2005 Scott & Ryan decided to make the partnership official and filed the necessary paperwork to become an LLC. Hence the name change to MC Tech Guys LLC. Scott and Ryan bring over 20 years of combined IT experience.


Scott's Background: Scott’s background includes bachelor degrees in Math from Huntington College and Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Toledo. He also has a Masters of Engineering Science in Software Development from the University of Toledo. Although Scott’s work experience includes networking and systems administration, his specialization has been in application development, database implementations, web design, web integration, and system integration.


Ryan's Background: Ryan’s background includes an Associates degree from Owen’s Community College and an Executive MBA from Vanderbilt University. Ryan’s work experience has been focused in system administration, networking (local and wide area networking), desktop administration and system support. He also has experience in application and web development.


Where did the name come from?: It is amazing the number of times we have been asked how we came up with the name of the company. When trying to come up with a name for the business we simply combined the initials of our kids names (Maddison & Caleb) and formed the name MC Technologies. When trying to set up our website we were unable to find a domain name that matched the name so we settled on the domain of MCTechGuys.com. When we finally filed to become an LLC, there was already an MC Technologies in Ohio so we changed our name to match our domain name and thus became MC Tech Guys LLC. Our new problem is the fact that we have both have another child that will someday give us a hard time because we named the business after our first borns.

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