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We feel that our children are one of the most cherished possessions we have in this life. With that in mind we have come up with ChildTrak, a software package designed to help those we trust with our children to efficiently & cost effectively take care of our children while keeping them safe.

Currently under development, ChildTrak will provide the care givers with the tools they need. There will be 3 different versions: ChildTrak Nursery, ChildTrak Lite, & ChildTrak Professional.

ChildTrak Nursery is being designed to help organizations such as medium to large churches to track children in their nurseries. It is sad to think that even in our churches we need to ensure the safety of our children. ChildTrak Nursery includes the following functionality:

  • Access Control - Using Biometrics access to the children areas as well as the children will be controlled through ChildTrak Nursery. In addition to Biometric, photo verification will be done to ensure no child is taken from the child areas unless an approved adult takes them.
  • Allergy / Special Needs Tracking - Allergies as well as any special needs for a child can be tracked and at the finger tips of the care givers, helping to keep your child safe in your absence.
  • Attendance / Scheduling - You will be able to see any trending in attendance for individuals or the organization. This will also help to ensure that the proper number of care givers are scheduled to provide care for the number of children expected.

ChildTrak Lite is being designed with resorts and other commercial organizations that provide services for children. Many resorts and hotels are now beginning to offer child care services to their guests, ChildTrak Lite gives the resorts and hotels the ability to electronically keep track of the children they are providing care for. Knowing that their children are safer gives the guests an extra level of security and confidence in using your services giving you a marketing advantage. Other organizations such as children play centers or restaurants could benefit from this added level of child tracking and security. Like ChildTrak Nursery, ChildTrak Lite provides both the Access Control as well as the Allergy / Special Needs tracking but more on a one time basis.

ChildTrak Professional is being designed as a full service Child Care Software Suite. It will provide all the tools necessary to run a full service Child Care Facility. Functionality includes:

  • Family Management Module - This will include the basic tracking of the children and their other related family information.
  • Employee Module - This will be a basic HR module tracking your employees and their basic job information.
  • Access Control Module - This module will not only control access to the buildings and rooms, but will also be used to verify that children are being picked up by valid approved adults.
  • Employee Time & Attendance Module - This will track your employees basic time and attendance to be sent to your payroll system.
  • Scheduling Module - Scheduling both employees and children in classrooms will be done here. Trending will be sued to help the managers ensure the proper number of qualified employees are in a given classroom at the needed times.
  • Accounting Module - Providing basic accounting information for billing and payments.
  • Reporting Module - What good is a bunch of data if you can not get the data in the format that you need it. The reporting module will be built to allow for the reporting of the data in the format that you need and want.

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