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MC Tech Guys LLC is a full service computer solution company. We see ourselves as a one stop IT solution shop. Our goal is to provide you with cutting edge, cost effective services in a timely manor. We love working with people and take great pride and satisfaction in helping them. Our focus really is on the people. We feel that if you don't focus on the people and their needs, you will not provide them with the best solutions. Below are some basic descriptions of the services we provide. For more detailed information, or information on services not listed, please contact us.
Home PC Support - Today’s average home has at least one PC in it. Most of which are connected to the internet. Add to that the fact that high speed internet is on the rise, so is the risk of your PC being infected by a virus or other malicious unwanted software. Many novice users lack the knowledge of how to protect themselves fully from these threats. We provide both preventative as well as corrective maintenance to keep your PC running efficiently. A little time and money spent upfront can save you a lot of time, money, and headache down the road. We also provide basic PC support for the home PC user including updates, problem solving, and general upkeep and care.
Small Business System Support - From the PC to the server, we cover it all for small businesses. Running a small business today requires the use of technology, but many small businesses can not afford to hire someone to support their IT needs. That is where we come in. We can provide annual, monthly, or hourly support of your IT needs with your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own IT employees. We will tailor the support to your needs. We pride ourselves in timely affordable solutions to all of your problems. In addition we do the research for you to find the most cost effective IT solutions for your business. We also believe firmly in preventative maintenance. By keeping your systems up to date, you can save yourself a lot of money and head ache down the road.
Website Design & Hosting - Need that competitive edge, or the avenue to get your name out there? Websites have become the most affordable and effective marketing tool. We offer website design using today’s cutting edge technologies. Whether you want a basic page, or a fully editable database driven website, we can provide you with the solution to meet your needs.
Custom Application Development - We see this as our “art”. This is our chance to be creative and innovative. We take enjoyment and pride in finding ways to provide our customers with a custom solution that will improve their productivity and make their job easier. Nothing is better than being able to solve a problem for a user. With the ability to program in various languages, we have the skills to solve the problems you have.
Small Business Networking and Wiring - Setting up a home or small business network? Why pay high prices for a contractor to come out and run network wires, then hire someone else to come in and set up your network, when you can get it all done by one place. We provide full network services from wiring to configuring at a cost effective price.
Phone System Support - With background in business phone systems, we can provide basic phone system support.
General IT Consulting - Need help researching an IT solutions? Have a vision of something but do not have the technical skills to help accomplish that vision? We can provide basic IT consulting from recommendations, to full implementations. We can provide the knowledge backdrop to help you make informed decisions to be successful.
Other IT Services - If you have a need or an idea not listed, contact us anyway. We are always ready to learn or try something new. We also have a great number of contacts that we can always go to. We may not know the answer or be able to accomplish your task, but we will be able to at least put you in contact with someone who can.

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